Mike Carter

Mike Carter

I'm a full stack developer who likes solving challenging technical problems. I currently work as a Software Engineer at Holiday Extras where I work predominantly with Javascript to create the a truly hassle-free travel experience for our customers. Before this, I was a senior developer at Virally, a funded tech startup building a social media content marketing platform, where we worked using Ruby on Rails to create a cutting edge piece of B2B software. Some other bits and pieces I've done are listed at the bottom of the page.


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I worked as half of the development force on Virally, a hosted platform empowering marketers to run content marketing campaigns without using any web forms, built in Ruby on Rails.

Virally was built using agile development techniques and lean startup principles. This means that each newly developed feature is measured adjusted and improved in accordance with what's delivering value.

Virally also makes clever use of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook's APIs. It is able to collect and combine collected information in order to build up a human view on who's consuming and spreading your content marketing message.

Other Bits and Pieces

Deflab.me • 2011

Deflab.me is a small rails application I created that allows people to calculate a series of calorie deficits in order to help them to lose fat fast without losing muscle.

University of Kent • 2008-2012

I studied Computer Science at the University of Kent, for which I received a first-class degree.